3 easy ways to support our kids this spring

Have you ever felt like a tiny fish lost in a big, big pond? In our vast, complicated world, it’s easy to wonder if we’re really making an impact. But consider this: there’s… Continue reading

How 4000 burgers will help save lives

This month the Edmonton community is on a quest to turn 4000 burgers into opportunities for at-risk youth. During the month of March Delux Burger Bar is donating $1 from every “Bill’s BBQ… Continue reading

Sam’s story

At fifteen, Sam lived in a makeshift shelter he’d built, tucked away in a ravine. Every morning he would wake up early and hit the streets, asking the stream of passers-by if they… Continue reading

A letter from Mark

Many years ago when I was 17 (I’m now in my late 30s), I came to the youth shelter. I had a very religious father that would not accept me unless I was… Continue reading

Art is good for the heart

Did you know? Youth Empowerment & Support Services has an Artist in Residence! She originally joined us for a 6 month stay after a generous grant from the Edmonton Arts Council in 2012… Continue reading

How your employer supports volunteering

Taken from the Imagine Canada “Giving and Volunteering in Alberta” report. More than six in ten (61%) Albertan volunteers with an employer reported that they received some form of employer support for their volunteering… Continue reading

Long distance philanthropy

This is a unique and inspiring story of giving. A few weeks ago we received a large donation at our Whyte Avenue location. What was surprising about this particular donation is where it… Continue reading

“Life is what you make of it, right?”

One day this Winter season I started thinking about the hardships that others are struggling with. Sometimes I have a hard time coping with some of the things in my life, even though… Continue reading

It’s how I make a difference

Nancy started volunteering with YESS in 1999, helping to prepare supper on Christmas day. This has been a Christmas tradition for her since 1999, and she plans to extend this tradition for many… Continue reading

“I get more out than I sacrifice for it”

When Tara approaches the doors to the Nexus shelter program before 9:00, the kids—who she sees without fail each week—call out to her, asking what she’s brought with her that evening. Months ago,… Continue reading

3 reasons there’s no junk food in our kitchen

Here at YESS, we pride ourselves on being junk food free – and the reasons for that may surprise you! Here are 3 reasons we don’t give any junk food to our kids:… Continue reading

“I help because I can”

Edmonton is full of local heroes, people who foster positive change in the community and support those in need. Here at YESS we are fortunate to meet many of these heroes, like Jaime and his aunt… Continue reading

3 dangers facing kids without appropriate footwear

As we struggle to deal with the melting snow all around us, it’s important to remember that for some this is much more than an inconvenience. For the many kids in Edmonton who… Continue reading

Patrycja’s story

There was a time in my life, in my teens, when I found myself pretty desperate. I felt like no one understood me. I wanted very badly to disappear. This is probably not… Continue reading

A Cause Worth The Effect

One hand washes the other; it is a saying that could easily be applicable to the students of Archbishop O’Leary High School who recently donated generously to their young peers currently residing at… Continue reading