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We Are Loyal to the Pavement

This piece was written by Kristina, who shared it with us on Facebook. She is a champion of the YESS cause and presented this piece at a local event.

A Big Milestone for H4AN!

This year we are hitting the milestone of the 15th Annual Homeless For A Night event in support of YESS! Of course there have been changes over the years: the event has changed venues,… Continue reading

Getting Our Youth Where They Need to Go

One summer day, a girl—we’ll call her  Susan—and her friend were excited to go to the Eskimos game they had won tickets to. Not wanting to worry about having to find parking at Commonwealth… Continue reading

This Is My Story

This is the story of one of our youth. Client names and identifying information have been changed to protect their privacy. Images used are representations of YESS’s clients. I came to Canada from Uganda… Continue reading

The Impact YESS Makes Because of People Like You

This week, we wanted to share some of the struggles our youth face, and the impact YESS has been able to make because of our dedicated volunteers, staff, donors, sponsors and supporters –… Continue reading

10 of April’s Remarkable Updates

Staff came together at the end of April for an agency wide staff meeting.  Each department, from the Facilities Team to the Management, Communications, Human Resources, and Programs Teams, talked about what was going… Continue reading

Brett’s Story

Brett first came to YESS when he was fifteen. His expectations weren’t particularly high—he saw an ad in a train station and hoped for a few nights in a warm bed. Brett had moved to Edmonton… Continue reading

3 reasons there’s no junk food in our kitchen

Here at YESS, we pride ourselves on being junk food free – and the reasons for that may surprise you! Here are 3 reasons we don’t give any junk food to our kids:… Continue reading

3 dangers facing kids without appropriate footwear

As we struggle to deal with the melting snow all around us, it’s important to remember that for some this is much more than an inconvenience. For the many kids in Edmonton who… Continue reading