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Smile for the YESS Camera!

Chris Thombs of is a familiar face at every YESS event, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find him in any photos. That’s because Chris is always the pro behind the camera capturing every… Continue reading

#TBT With Foster Park Brokers’ #H4AN Team!

We are always happy to see new faces out at Homeless for a Night every year, but there’s something extra special about seeing people come back year after year. The Foster Park Brokers’… Continue reading

Guest Post: The Power of YESS

I recently took a tour of YESS’ facilities. Being a complete outsider with only a very broad idea of what Youth Empowerment & Support Services stands for, I went in expecting to be… Continue reading

The Christmas Shoes

It was December 23, and there was still one Christmas wish we hadn’t yet been able to fulfill. One of our youth always dresses up. His everyday attire is a suit, tie, and… Continue reading

True YESS Champions: The Home Depot Canada Foundation

The Home Depot Canada Foundation has become personally invested in taking action through The Orange Door Project to bring housing options and hope to the kids that YESS assists. In collaboration with community… Continue reading

True YESS Champions: Collin Bruce Mortgage Mentor Team

Collin Bruce is a driven, dedicated, and generous man surrounded by a loving family and a committed team of professionals. A strong supporter of YESS, he is always looking for what we need… Continue reading

True YESS Champions: Dave and Gwen Burroughs

Dave and Gwen Burroughs are true champions of the youth who come to YESS, and have been for almost a decade. YESS provides support to youth who are in crisis and experiencing homelessness… Continue reading

A Girl on a Mission – to Help YESS!

Ava-Lynn Carruthers is a 6-year-old with a passion for helping YESS. She thinks no one should be homeless, especially not kids. Ava has a heart of gold and has helped us at a… Continue reading

Mealshare Brings Local Restaurants Together for YESS

Mealshare is an organization with a simple goal: buy one meal, give one meal. Founded by Andrew Hall and Jeremy Bryant in 2013, Mealshare has grown to share partnerships and serve communities across… Continue reading

The Misunderstood Difference between Sponsorship and Donations

Sponsorships and donations are tricky; on the surface they look very similar and without a deeper understanding of them you won’t know the difference. The two could not be more different but both… Continue reading

Sherlock Holmes Recycles for Youth

by: Bailey Tomchuk, Sherlock Holmes Hospitality Group The Sherlock Holmes Hospitality Group has been part of the Edmonton community since 1985. As long standing partners in this great community, a community we value deeply,… Continue reading

A Truck Full Of Love

Kingsway Toyota loves giving to organizations that need contributions to continue doing the amazing things they do for the community. On August 26th, 2014, Kingsway Toyota and the Priestner Foundation donated a total… Continue reading

Rally-ing for a cause

Sometimes here at YESS we meet supporters who touch our hearts. There are so many great people out there who support the kids who rely on us, and this past week we had… Continue reading

Kindness that makes us blush

It takes a community to raise a child, plain and simple. Here at YESS we can provide many things – shelter, guidance, resources and safety, but we can never do it alone. We… Continue reading

How 4000 burgers will help save lives

This month the Edmonton community is on a quest to turn 4000 burgers into opportunities for at-risk youth. During the month of March Delux Burger Bar is donating $1 from every “Bill’s BBQ… Continue reading

Long distance philanthropy

This is a unique and inspiring story of giving. A few weeks ago we received a large donation at our Whyte Avenue location. What was surprising about this particular donation is where it… Continue reading

“Life is what you make of it, right?”

One day this Winter season I started thinking about the hardships that others are struggling with. Sometimes I have a hard time coping with some of the things in my life, even though… Continue reading

“I help because I can”

Edmonton is full of local heroes, people who foster positive change in the community and support those in need. Here at YESS we are fortunate to meet many of these heroes, like Jaime and his aunt… Continue reading

A Cause Worth The Effect

One hand washes the other; it is a saying that could easily be applicable to the students of Archbishop O’Leary High School who recently donated generously to their young peers currently residing at… Continue reading